Monday, March 1, 2010



United stand taken by
Nations of the world
Instigated the creation of
This organisation to seek
Emergence of peace and
Dole security where necessary

Need for development not
Achieved completely due to
Testing times and inefficiency
Increased cooperation is required
Of all member states
New policies should generate
Safer abodes to live
- written for Acrostic Only; Prompt 6


  1. Nice one.Impelled would be a better substitute to instigated.

  2. Oh yes, Impelled seems to fit here much better..I have changed it in my notes, but not here since I have submitted it to a forum. Please do keep encouraging me like this..Thankyou for giving all of them a thorough read:)

  3. I couldn't have said it better vidya.

  4. Hey Vidya. u always amaze me with your command on words like this. awesome! and fabulous thought too :)

    thumbs up!

  5. Haha! Nice one again. A brief history of UN, what it does, what are its pitfalls, what are its problems and what are its expectation all beautifully woven is less but effective words.

  6. Thankyou made me so happy. Good day!

  7. @Vittal: I love it when you read deep and potray your insight of my acros..You understood it perfectly and summed it up well for me:)