Friday, October 30, 2009

hey friend..

                                            picture by:  Julio de Carvalho

I'll remember:

the outings we had,
the movies we've sat..

the code languages we shared,
the little pranks you played..

the hours we talked,
the hours we have chatted..

the badminton we played,
the sweet nothings we made..

the stories we cooked,
the future at which we looked..

the rain in which we got drenched,
the eateries where food we munched..

the cribbings about life we did,
the tensions that we tried to get rid..

The felicity your eyes show,
hope they will always glow..
You are one friend I adore,
who makes my happiness soar.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blissful love..

picture by:  Michael Jastremski

When you hold my hand tight,my heart feels so light

When i thrust my eyes upon yours,
it drives away all my fearful thoughts

When you look at me and smile,
I feel so wanted all the while

The little things you do for me,
show your unending love for me

The times we are spending together,
those moments are etched in my heart forever

I feel your presence around me always,
like a warm embrace all these days

Love you so much honey,
you are the best thing ever that's happened to me..

Monday, October 19, 2009


picture by: Chris

Time's flying ; and im aware of it..

Every time I blink my eyes..
Im aware of the slippage of seconds,
Hours feel like minutes, days look so short..
Still, I see unlimited days stretched out before me

I remain a mute spectator to the changing seasons,
Noticing the green leaves turn yellow n wither away
Exposing the skeleton bark of the tree..
Still, the sunlight falls upon the lonely piece of wood

Some days are filled with ecstasy,
Some other days are equally wretched..
Still, life moves on heartily...without a pause,
Without skippin a heartbeat...

At times, it feels good to listen to the thunder,
Sometimes spring makes me a loner,
Changing moods surprise me,
Still, I tread along the path with resilience.

Times' flying and im aware of it...
The memories, my mind will still continue to hold,
As I embrace a new day that unfolds..
I hope for another gratifying day of love and care.

Published in The Hindu - Education Plus, June 18th 2007