Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Suicide bombers

Skeptical group of people
Uneducated in moral ethics
Inspired by wrong notions
Cruelty in worst form
Innocent people brutally murdered
Desecrating faiths, their aim
Encouraging hatred amongst men

Bloodshed created without remorse
Obscured-minded men are lured
Mentored to breed terror
Bombs twiddled like toys
Envisioning salvation for sacrifice
Religions of all preach
Serenity; they never realise

- written for Acrostic Only ; Prompt 5


  1. Nicely worded acrostic. I like it. It seems like you have poured your heart into this one. I can say you feel a lot about this.

    Someone said, "Terrorism is an example for lack of imagination." I wondered why would they say so. Crashing a plane into the WTC was an ingenious and imaginative idea, though the havoc it wreaked was painful. But then I realized the true meaning, while carrying out such attacks these people clearly don't see the consequences. People of their own religion are also killed. Innocent people who mean a lot to someone in the world have to die for no apparent reason. If they could only see all this, they wouldn't have chosen this path. So, it is indeed a lack of imagination.

    These people are clearly misled. And they have been so brainwashed that there is no returning back. God help them!

  2. Yes Vittal, God help them..I feel so strongly about this,I really cant understand how cruel one can get.