Friday, April 30, 2010

An arm and a Leg

An exotic holiday
Nice idea

Ample rest
Relaxation but
Melting currency

Awakened thoughts
Nagging worries

A forturne spent

Lost years of
Earnings earned
Greeted with worry again

- written for Acrostic Only ;  Prompt 7

Meaning of the slang: A large amount of money; very expensive or costly.

Burnt Out

Bursts of anger
Under work pressure
Running out steam
Naively continuing
To slog

Outward healthy
Unhealthy inside
Times of distress

- written for Acrostic Only ;  Prompt 3

Go Bananas

Goofing away
Orbiting around

Bumping into
A store
Noisily, evoking
Angry stares
Nonsensically he sang
Sweeping lottery away

- written for Acrostic Only ;  Prompt 5

Meaning of 'Go Bananas' : To be irrational and wild; to lose control


Amateurish pranks
Insignificant rants
Rolling eyes
Hovering cries
Enlightened never
Airy cravings
Drool all over

- written for Acrostic Only ; Prompt 6

Meaning of Airhead: Someone who isn't very smart; a stupid person.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Gun in hand
Untwining puzzles
Meticulously investigates scene
Solving crooked crimes
Hooking the guilty
Omnipresence felt everywhere
Ensnaring with suspense

- written for Acrostic Only ; Prompt 8

Meaning of GumshoeA detective or private investigator

Note: The April months' acrostics are all English slangs and usages many of which I wasnt aware of the meaning..These acrostics are really fun to write though I havent been able to do many. This month and probably the next I might not be so regular here, have been very time-tight lately:(