Sunday, January 31, 2010


Grand sized ice
Lessening and melting
Abrupts the ecosystem
Curtailing of water
Involved due to
Ever warm climate
Raises alarming questions

- written for Acrostic Only  (prompt #12)


Ever helpful donkey
Enters into depression
Young at heart
Often rebuilds house
Repeatedly misplaced tail
Ends his happiness

Note: This acrostic is written for Acrostic Only ( prompt #9)

It describes "Eeyore", the donkey character in the famous cartoon - Winnie the Pooh..

Friday, January 29, 2010


Violin's string broke
Only trumpet's blaring
Idiotic noise arose
Crowds erupted chaos
Ending the concert
Swiftly for eternity

- written for Acrostic Only (prompt 6)


Gone the spontaneity
Reaping benefits sown
Overcoming body pains
Wishing better days
Increased wrinkles show
Numbering days bygone
Greeting white hair

Oncoming journey's rough
Longing nature's grace
Disciplining one's self

- written for Acrostic Only  (prompt 10)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Care and warmth
Offered she with
Motherly love, when
Patiently showered, it
Armoured the orphan
Silently and calmly
She empathized with
Its misfortune, gradually
Overcoming, her boy
Nestled in peace

Compassion (Acrostic Short Story/prose)

Care and warmth, the orphan needed very badly. The earthquake had changed his life completely. Just a day ago, he was like any other kid, loved by his parents.

Offering all her love, the fair lady protected him day after day. She had found him lying unconscious under the rubbles, bleeding.

Mother! Mother! he screamed when he awoke. He found himself in a tent filled with lots of injured people.

Patiently, she tried to console him. When he realised what had happened, he stared at the roof constantly, showing no emotions at all.

As days passed, his wounds started to heal but the scar would remain with him forever.

Shivered he, even when the climate was warm. Starved was he, though the kind lady fed him sumptously.

She empathized with the boy's misfortune and how his life had taken a turn. She was always with him, telling stories, singing sweet songs and trying to do everything possible to make him smile.

In due time, he began to come to terms and let off all the emotions he had locked within him. Wailing uncontrollably, the child accepted the truth.

Overcoming the fact was very tough. But the boy had renewed respect towards this generous lady who had adopted him and treated him like her own son. She saw in him, her baby, she had lost a decade ago.

Nestled in her bosom, the boy slept in peace. He soon grew to become a confident, young man who did well in life.

-written for Acrostic Only and Acrostic Short story ( Prompt 7)

Friday, January 22, 2010


Silently they drop
Ushering Earth's fragrance
Making leaves shine
Moisturising parched fields
Ending the heat
Rapidly engulfing skies

Restoring the beauty
Again of nature
Instilling faith and
Nourishing sad souls

- written for Acrostic Only


New dawn
Eagerly awaited
With glee

Yearning for
Everlasting happiness
And peace
Reminiscing memories
- written for Acrostic Only

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Realising the
Existence of
Actuality and
Linking today's
Insight of
Truth with
Yesterday's vision

- Written for Acrostic Only

Monday, January 18, 2010


Gentle aging souls
Render us warmth
Adaptive yet dependent
Naive and innocent
Dented with wisdom
Prayers devotedly recited
Amiable childlike heart
Reciprocates love with
Enthusiasm and trust
Narrate stories aplenty
To listeners and
Savour every moment

- written for Acrostic Only

Monday, January 4, 2010

Lesson from a Candle

Picture Courtesy: Lukasz Jernas

There was darkness everywhere
And with a eerie silence I was surrounded,
I groped about and found a lil candle
I lit it up as I prayed for the electricity's arrival
As I stared at the candle, I noticed so many things..

The wax melted as every tick of the clock's hand echoed
The dancing flame burned in blue, yellow and white shades
The black wick had now turned golden and
the liquid wax lay spilt all around the vicinity of the flame.

As the wax trickled down the cylindrical structure,
It grounded the candle even firmer
As the candle's size reduced every minute,
The flame's size increased that same minute.

Though in sometime, the flame would be extinguished,
That very flame was spreading light and driving away the looming darkness.
The flames saying the never-die-spirit made me think,
'live ur life to the fullest, spreading happiness wherever u go'