Sunday, February 28, 2010


Different destinations they took
Insisting to outwit others
Venting their anger throughout
Ignoring all support given
Desperate for fame, integrity
Easily they threw away
Danger lurked in corners

Wading through the dark
Ended their joyous days

Fell down they, hard
Amongst kins had they
Leaned, blissfully secure their
Life would have been
- written for Acrostic Only ; Prompt 7


Treading long thorny paths
Only possible, when we
Go hand in hand
Eager to help others
Till the road ends
Have trust, understand that
Encouragement is a must
Reason out your fears

When we work united
Even nature's fury can

Surely be mitigated, so
Try to forget grudges
Alienate away bad thoughts
Navigate every heart to
Drive towards victory, together

-written for Acrostic Only ; Prompt 8

Friday, February 26, 2010


Picture courtesy:

Celestial objects swiftly move
Ornamenting the dark night
Melting tail of theirs
Emits a magnificient glow
Treasure to the eye
Sihouettes in the sky
- written for Acrostic Only ; Prompt #9

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Picture courtesy : hpphoto

Bond made of love
Removes all our woes
Oodles of warmth pour
These caretakers of ours
Hold, never letting go
Eradicating evils of society
Remain with us forever
Having foresights of tomorrow
Oceanic display of togetherness
Of faith and hope
Devoted friends, standing tall

- written for Acrostic Only ; Prompt #3


Picture courtesy:  Krisdog

Purple coloured beautiful fire-bird
Harbouring life after death
Obitual symbol of immortality
Elixir of life anew
Nestled in gold plumage
Inspirational, mythical and sacred
Xenon of hope, sacrifice

-written for Acrostic Only ; Prompt # 11

Friday, February 19, 2010


picture courtesy : Stucorlett

Strength achieved with passion
Intimately united by integrity
Spreading powerful waves of
Tremendous hope required for
Every woman in pain
Rays of wisdom, courage
Hovering for brighter tomorrow
Oneness making it the
Only unbreakable bond for
Destroying the world's evils

-written for Acrostic Only ; Prompt #2

A tag and an Award

Two posts here..I have been tagged/awarded by 2 of my favourite bloggie friends..

Chhaya, (one of the first friends I made through my blog) sent me a Honest Scrap, a long time ago, sorry that I'm writing so late..

the RUles

1. You must thank the person who gave you the tag/award and list their blog and link it
2. You must list 10 honest things about yourself
3. You must put a copy of Honest Scrap Logo on your blog puttin in this post
4. You must select at least 7-8 other worthy bloggers and list their links done at the end of this post
5. You must notify the bloggers of the award and hopefully they will follow the above three requirements also.

So, here goes... 10 things about me - Honestly

1. I like change - attempting various things like writing, reading, singing, teaching music, sketching, knitting, photography, driving, travelling, etc

2. I am hardworking, a workaholic when at work..

3. Solitude - I feel dejected if i dont have atleast 20mins for myself everyday!

4. I am a sensitive person

5. I am moody..guess its all Cancerians' (sun-sign) trait..

6. A poor eater - how much favourite the food is, I cant eat much..need to eat at various

7. love window shopping :d

8. My various reads include: Fiction ( Jeffrey Archer, Sidney Sheldon, Robin Cook), Comics (Calvin and hobbes, Tintin, Tinkle), Fantasy (lord of the rings, Harry Potter) and Inspirational books..

9. I am not a movie buff..I dont like to see a movie alone - be it at home or outside..

10. I am independent- Like to do things by myself till the extent possible

I would like to pass on this to Amias, Shraddha, Ayu and Saras

Beautiful Heart Award

Ayu - a sweet, nice friend gave me this award.


1. List 4 things that keep your inner self beautiful.
2. List 4 things that keep you physically beautiful.
3. Tell us about a precious memory you keep close to your heart. [Optional]
4. Share this award with 5 other people that you think have a beautiful heart too.
5. Link the blogs of the people you chose and link the person's blog who awarded you

1. Things that keep my inner self beautiful..

- Meditation, praying, being helpful and sharing joy

Things that keep me physically beautiful..

- eating habits
- being active ( I'm not an exercise person, but i cant sit idle too)
- try to be cheerful always
- taking long walks

I would like to share this award with ChhayaSimi and Choc Lover

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


picture courtesy: Radli

As I stand and stare before the mirror,
I see something sprouting out of my sides.
Shocked I see I have florescent wings like those of a butterfly.
I flap them wildly and feel my feet rise above the ground,
Harder and harder I flap them, now im floating in the air,
And scream with joy upon this newfound experience.

The vast blue sky is lit up by the sun's slanting rays,
I feel the freshness of air and the gale upon my face,
Swerving and turning I fly past pine trees who sway to
the tunes of the whistling wind,
Chirping of birds are heard echoing across the vast green plains.

As I spot a group of sparrows, I realise i've shrunk to their size,
I make a perfect landing upon a bright flower standing upright.
Oh! so soft its petals feel, as I slide down upon them
Just as I immerse myself with this unimagined happiness so everlasting,
I come face to face a young man with handsome features.
I try to reach his outstreched hands but his face begins to blur

Suddenly everything around me is shaking,
No, im beginning to shake, im confused
I recognise my old surroundings, im in my room
A shrill scream from my mother, wakes me up from my slumber
I heave out of bed and walk towards the mirror,
Hopin to see my wings again, but there's no sign of them.
I know im in the Real World now
Wishing I could merge both my Worlds,
Grudgingly I prepare myself for yet another day which goes on routinely as ever..

PS: Wrote this poem years ago, when in college. Had this habit of doing everything other than studying during the study holidays :D ...Hope you guys like it.