Sunday, February 28, 2010


Different destinations they took
Insisting to outwit others
Venting their anger throughout
Ignoring all support given
Desperate for fame, integrity
Easily they threw away
Danger lurked in corners

Wading through the dark
Ended their joyous days

Fell down they, hard
Amongst kins had they
Leaned, blissfully secure their
Life would have been
- written for Acrostic Only ; Prompt 7


  1. hey!

    i like ur blog esp this way of writing is creative :)

  2. @AS and Choc Lover: Thankyou:)

  3. This is a good attempt. Using the world "they" so much, sometimes forced, made the read a little hard.

  4. You know the best part of your acrostics is that they are most optimistic and positive even with the dark themes. One could easily slip to writing dark things while trying to write an acrostic with this prompt, but this one is too good. Ingenious, really! It tells me about the evils of remaining divided and pursuing individual goals while trampling others. A good piece of imagination has gone in to this one.

  5. @Amias:
    Hmm, yes there is a lot of repetetion here. I found it difficult to substitute other words or write otherwise. Thankyou for pointing it out, Amias. I will try not to put in a same word again in the forthcoming acros.

  6. @Vittal: Hearing you telling that its - you made my day:)Thankyou so much, Vittal. You understood the meaning of the acro to the dot as usual:)