Monday, November 23, 2009

The Street racer

                                                                                 picture : vidya


His echoing heartbeats hit him loud and clear
as he cautiously eyed the chequered flag-waver
He revved up his 750cc kamikaze
beads of perspiration danced on his face.

With the racecourse spread over 12 miles odd
he had to swerve through a steep curved road
with city traffic and narrow coastal lines
not to forget also to dodge county fines.

With the flag-wave, the race started
through the window of his helmet
he saw his targets vroooming free
and head-on began his biking spree.

Wagering with the throttle he raced farther
his goal he realised came nearer
he licked his lips in anticipation
before long, he was in fourth position.

Illegal was the race, hooked greedy was his case
to show them all, in his haste
he nearly missed hitting an old pedestrian
he sped amid blaring horns and a faded police siren.

His steeled determination and focus
brought him close to position one
But then happened one hell of a ruckus
with a quarter mile more to run.

He was kicked sidelong by a racer
the mishap shook him but he was an acer
Losing his balance he hit a tree
but overcame it with few scratches only.

He still managed a third place
on reaching the finishing line ablaze
He earned his grand for his velocity
but rued over his bad luck hazily.

"This one last game", he pleaded abashed,
as I looked at him annoyed totally
Atlast hubby logged out off Roadrash
and devoured his supper with glee!


Friday, November 13, 2009

My Conscience

Hours kept ticking away
not knowing what to do
I left home for a little stroll
towards the fountain dew.

I kept wandering till
I came across an old pauper
He was in a pathetic state
and stared at me forever.

We continued conversing with our eyes
I was transfixed upon the spot
Images ruled my mind
of poverty and others rot.

The pain in his eyes said it all
it changed the iron hand of mine
I gave him the Rupee I had held tight
and saw his face shine.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nature's abundance

The sky today looked its best,
With splashes of blue, orange and red,
The sun was setting in the West,
Deep inside the seabed.

Away flew a group of geese,
In a triangle high in the sky,
My mind found perfect peace,
Which in cities one cant buy.

Trees soared up like towers,
Evergreen were they,
Their reflection fell upon the rivers,
Who through the hills found their way.

Flowers in every corner swayed,
In the lush green countryside,
Their swirl and twirl never failed,
As they were stunned by the raging tide..

Pictures:  © vidya & Sriram

Monday, November 2, 2009

Fate of a Martyr

Picture by: Daniel Steger

The wind floated over the flower-bed,
Till it soothed the soul of the dead,
With flowers the grave was sprinkled,
But with thorns the memory was wrinkled.

The night one thought looked haunted,
For the beauty of nature was looted,
The mournings were done for the warrior,
By the people who seemed kindler.

He who had no narcissism,
Had laid down his life for his nation,
But now there were none to remember his deeds,
Except the ever loving breeze.

For everyone continued to be merry and gay,
They enjoyed his sacrificed fruits that day,
No feelings they had for one so patriotic,
Instead for money they were more frantic.

The homages for the martyr decreased,
People were taken overy by greed,
From this they could not be freed,
For they didn't change their behaviour,
Alas! this turned out to be more deadlier.