Monday, November 2, 2009

Fate of a Martyr

Picture by: Daniel Steger

The wind floated over the flower-bed,
Till it soothed the soul of the dead,
With flowers the grave was sprinkled,
But with thorns the memory was wrinkled.

The night one thought looked haunted,
For the beauty of nature was looted,
The mournings were done for the warrior,
By the people who seemed kindler.

He who had no narcissism,
Had laid down his life for his nation,
But now there were none to remember his deeds,
Except the ever loving breeze.

For everyone continued to be merry and gay,
They enjoyed his sacrificed fruits that day,
No feelings they had for one so patriotic,
Instead for money they were more frantic.

The homages for the martyr decreased,
People were taken overy by greed,
From this they could not be freed,
For they didn't change their behaviour,
Alas! this turned out to be more deadlier.


  1. great poem!!
    i love it!!

    thank you for adding me to your blogroll...i have added you too..

    much apreciated..

  2. Coming from a family of soldiers, i can understand the feelings behind this. so beautifully expressed by u :)

    thank u for ur words @ my blog. wud love to exchange links with u. do let me know

  3. @Shraddha - Thank you so much:)
    There is a lot for me to read and learn from your blog. It is blooming and spreading the message of love, peace..Kudos!

  4. @Chhaya- I penned this down after reading an article about the Kargil war. The sacrifices they make are supreme..
    I am encouraged to write more. Thank you:)

  5. i nominated this lovely post for Avant grade Awards

  6. wow..this is so good..yeah..and its better than my poem i must say :3