Friday, November 13, 2009

My Conscience

Hours kept ticking away
not knowing what to do
I left home for a little stroll
towards the fountain dew.

I kept wandering till
I came across an old pauper
He was in a pathetic state
and stared at me forever.

We continued conversing with our eyes
I was transfixed upon the spot
Images ruled my mind
of poverty and others rot.

The pain in his eyes said it all
it changed the iron hand of mine
I gave him the Rupee I had held tight
and saw his face shine.


  1. Vidya, this is really good. The guilt we feel when we look at the underpriviledged is very efficiently portrayed here. the title of the poem makes it even better!!

  2. Thankyou for your encouraging words, Chhaya..

  3. How much we reflect in action rather in words is more important..!! good awareness and poem this is! cya around..

  4. Thanks HaRy for dropping by have got a very descriptive blog in which I'll surely spend time to read in the days to come.

  5. here yu yur new follower..wil b at yur space often then!

  6. Hey Srividya,
    U have a very nice space here....Keep rocking!!!!!!!U cud also start a travel blog with all the locs u have visited!!

  7. Yeah nice idea da.
    I was thinking of having a foodie blog of all restaurants visited, bcos every weekend we end up eating outside rather than seeing places these days lol

  8. Welcome to my page, AS.
    Thankyou for your feedback..

  9. Emotions can change very quickly... Like your poem a lot!!

  10. helping others will make you happy as well :)
    p.s thanks for dropping by my blog ^^

  11. @ Alex, Manju - Thankyou and welcome to my page!

  12. i know this feeling, the ending was very poignant...