Friday, October 30, 2009

hey friend..

                                            picture by:  Julio de Carvalho

I'll remember:

the outings we had,
the movies we've sat..

the code languages we shared,
the little pranks you played..

the hours we talked,
the hours we have chatted..

the badminton we played,
the sweet nothings we made..

the stories we cooked,
the future at which we looked..

the rain in which we got drenched,
the eateries where food we munched..

the cribbings about life we did,
the tensions that we tried to get rid..

The felicity your eyes show,
hope they will always glow..
You are one friend I adore,
who makes my happiness soar.


  1. Nice. :) But why tagged as old times? Not friends with him anymore?


  2. Thanks for dropping by, Sameer.
    we are v good friends:) Tagged it as old times because it was ages ago.

  3. Nice one! Friendship is the Greatest Gift of GOD.

  4. Aah... reminds me on the old times... which will never come back :(