Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Domestic Violence

Dreams completely shattered
Of newly-wed souls
Modesty outrageously ruined
Entering inevitable death-trap
Suffer in silence
Tormented, wounded, perverted
Injustice ruling large
Caged for life

Vainly attempting to
Improve their condition
Onward journey covered
Lousily with forfeit
Envisioned life, broken
Nagging lies, pierce
Caress the depressed
Empathize and support

-written for Acrostic Only ; Prompt 3


  1. Domestic Violence is one of the biggest evils the society has. It shreds the fine fabric of family life into pieces even before it begins to blossom. You must have heard about the "Bell Bajao" campaign, which is a step forward in stopping this social evil. I can only hope that the twisted minds be magically be bestowed with some sanity to see the devil in them, and realize the devilish deeds they have been up to all the time.

  2. @Vittal: It is a serious crime done by people who are inhuman. I was not aware of 'Bell Bajao'...found out they have now reached about 124 million people and are trying to change their lives for the better...we need so many more organisations like these to spread word and change mindsets.

  3. @Ayu: Domestic violence is prevalent all over the world since a very long time..though the tormented have more freedom and are bolder, there's still a long way to go!

  4. This is just too sad...all hopes of building a happy family gone in just a very short time!

    How many have become victims of such? Countless...our family values are just deteriorating, we can't control it anymore...

    I am so sad about this!

  5. That's fate much more better would the world be if people respected each other *sigh*

  6. the first three lines just hit home so well..
    this was a well written acrostic Vidya.
    so many victims, it is really saddening...

  7. Thankyou for the feeback Leo..

  8. The first stanza hits home, the second stanza does not flow as well, but it is understood.

    Domestic violence leaves one with a sense of hopelessness, which is hard to shake loose from without help from family and the law of the land.