Thursday, March 25, 2010

Child Abuse

Chided for being childish
Holed up in darkness
Innocent little kids are
Lashed, forced to obey
Dread filled with blood

Anger, violence of grown-ups
Borne with subdued fear
Unseen tragedies often heard
Silently kept under wraps
Echo voices! save lives

- written for Acrostic Only ; Prompt 2


  1. hmm, yeah.. its so sad that the abuse is mostly kept under wraps.. it'd be better if they were echoed and stopped with a fullstop!

    nicely done!

  2. i feel very strongly about this issue. those monsters who scar kids for life, should be cut into tiny pieces and fed to fish.

    your poem is a very poignant one. good job :)

  3. @Leo: True..its so very inhuman to ruin a child of its childhood..

  4. @Chhaya: Yes..esp in India, there is no proper justice. The guilty must be severely punished but they often find so many ingenious ways to escape..very sad

  5. Vidya this one touched my very soul .. been there, so I know of that which you speak. Bravo!

  6. This another of the evils of the society. It gnaws and makes the society a hollow entity. Children are very tender, and when abused they don't even have the courage to come out in public and tell everyone. They keep quiet and if anyone ever tried to be courageous the elders are back at it again to subdue the voice. Sad.

    You have captured the bigger picture of child abuse nicely.

  7. @Amias, Vittal: Thankyou so much for your words..