Friday, March 19, 2010

My Survival

Mysterious world I entered
Young, naive and innocent

Scores of obstacles lay
Ushering me to tackle
Racing made me stumble
Viciously hurt and teary-eyed
Indignated, I continued striving
Vigorously winning and losing
Axing along still aspiring
Living life, conquering dreams

- written for Acrostic Only ; Prompt 11


  1. Excellent piece of Acrostic beautifully constructed with appropriate choice of words. Nicely done, Vidya, kudos.

  2. Very, very nice take and so very true about one's survival...:)

    Did you write this as if it's about your survival?

    Thumbs up dear!

  3. @Amity: Thankyou for your kind words. well, ups and downs occur in everyones' life..This acro is about my survival written in a general way ^_^

  4. yeah I agree.. that last line esp. was very eloquent! :)

  5. very well a survivor myself..haha..and i care for my survival..the dreams and captured them all..simply great..:D

    visit my blog if you have time ^_^

  6. @Leo: Thankyou:)

    @Ayu: will visit your blog and comment soon:)

  7. Amazing! I think you capture the modern day fast-paced life very much. These days, even a child is under tremendous pressure to outdo his fellows. All innocence is shredded to pieces when their minds are filled with words such as competition, scores, grades, career, etc. I think it is unfair. Hell, it is unfair to adults as well. There is no breathing room. One problem solved must be quickly accompanied with another challenge to surpass to be able to remain competitive and to strive.

    A very realistic and beautifully written poem.

  8. So true, Vittal..Today's kids though very smart, live beyond their age. As they attempt to take their first steps, they are expected to excel in so many other arenas too..In that way, we were so much luckier! Wasnt so complicated for us 2 decades ago..

    THankyou for your feedback:) I'l visit your post soon, I'm a little time-tied *sigh*

  9. I am always left in awe of your command over the language. How you build the lines that say so much and at the same time, you make that word out of the first letters of each.

    Bravo! :)

  10. Very well said Vidya! I too loved the last line, a very fitting ending for this acrostic.

  11. @Chhaya: Your comments made my day!Thankyou! I also love your beautiful narration of stories ..they take my breath away!