Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Speaking Out

Silence is'nt a
Permanent solution, so
Energize mind to
Abandon unnecessary fears
Key success by
Igniting your liberty
Nail down oppression
Grab opportunities head-on

Optimize your right
Untwine the hesitation
Trigger out words

-written for Acrostic Only ; Prompt 1


  1. Silence is Golden, yes, but not always :)

    beautifully written :)

  2. you understood the acro to the dot:)


  3. Sometimes not speaking out can be the worst thing you do to yourself. Being denied justice by others can be ignored or perhaps forgiven. But, keeping quiet while being continuously deprived of justice/rights is injustice to your own soul. That is unacceptable.

  4. Optimise your right to speak out without hesitation is the kernel of the acro well brought out

  5. Yes, Vittal. Keeping quite always will only make one victim of oppression. We have to use our freedom of speech and let others know our mind..

  6. @KPartha: You got it right...thankyou for your feedback.

  7. Great speaking out ~ courage needed!

  8. @Amity - yes, courage is so much needed

  9. silence is never a permanent solution. only if we voice our problems will they get solved. this was really one beautifully worded poem.

    continue the good work...

  10. Vidya this acrostic has a lot of raw potential. I tried to wrap myself around "engine mind", but it didn't work. Maybe if you change the word to "engineer", as it makes more sense to me. On the other hand, I did like how you used the word, "trigger" very unique.

  11. Thankyou for pointing it out, Amias..I had put 'engine mind' as in 'engine or steer the mine to abandon fear' but because of the word limit and lack of grammar, its not fitting right..
    I replaced it with energize, i hope this sounds better