Friday, January 29, 2010


Violin's string broke
Only trumpet's blaring
Idiotic noise arose
Crowds erupted chaos
Ending the concert
Swiftly for eternity

- written for Acrostic Only (prompt 6)


  1. wow..another nice acrostic you have here..

    btw..i have tagged you..check it out :3

  2. Voices can do this. I even hate it when I go to a movie and the voices makes it impossible to enjoy it. This is one of the reasons I wait for it to be on cable or dvd.

  3. @ayu: oh my! 25 things abt me..hmm well..i'l try to post em soon:d

  4. @Amias: haha..yeah true. But then when it comes to movies, with special effects - watching at home spoils its beauty:( such a dilemma it is!

  5. You write so well. I am falling in love with this blog already! Very nice Acrostics. I shall save some reading for some other day. Greedy me! ;-)

    You capture a very important point here. The baseline here is that people need to be considerate.

    Thanks for your visit at my blog. I hope you would come back in the future as well. I am sorry for my delayed presence. I promise to be more regular now that I am following you.

  6. You got the message of the acro to the point, Vittal. Glad that you like this kind of stuff:)