Monday, January 4, 2010

Lesson from a Candle

Picture Courtesy: Lukasz Jernas

There was darkness everywhere
And with a eerie silence I was surrounded,
I groped about and found a lil candle
I lit it up as I prayed for the electricity's arrival
As I stared at the candle, I noticed so many things..

The wax melted as every tick of the clock's hand echoed
The dancing flame burned in blue, yellow and white shades
The black wick had now turned golden and
the liquid wax lay spilt all around the vicinity of the flame.

As the wax trickled down the cylindrical structure,
It grounded the candle even firmer
As the candle's size reduced every minute,
The flame's size increased that same minute.

Though in sometime, the flame would be extinguished,
That very flame was spreading light and driving away the looming darkness.
The flames saying the never-die-spirit made me think,
'live ur life to the fullest, spreading happiness wherever u go'


  1. Very nice writing comparing the candle flame to the much needed "Defiance" in lif. The narrative is simple but powerful.

  2. wow..nice poem..i like your way of describing the candle~! i never really imagine that..youre amazing~! ^_^

  3. @ Saras: You understood what I wanted to convey to the hilt:)

  4. hi Ayu, glad you enjoyed my poem ^_^

  5. Like a lot the message in your poem!! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. cool poem..
    i liked how you added the antithesis in your poem!

  7. that brief minute of candle light gives positive hope... that enjoy every minute... every minute is a different life :)

  8. wow even with a small candle, such a a beautiful poem..... u have a a very good language and imagination

  9. Thankyou da..nice of you to make time to read this.